Find One Find All Glasses Finder

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  • Built-in transmitter
  • Up to 30 feet away
  • Batteries included
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    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This Glasses Finder only comes with one key finder unit. To use the key finder system you need at least 2 units. To use this glasses finder you will also need to purchase either the original FOFA Key Finder, another FOFA Glasses Finder, or a FOFA Wallet Finder.

    Most key and purse finders have a base unit you can then use to locate other lost items. But you're out of luck if you can't find the base unit. The key finder base unit is just as likely to be misplaced as the items you're trying to locate. This problem is eliminated with a FOFA XD wireless remote glasses finder because it has patented two-way communications so you can use any item with a FOFA key finder unit attached to locate any other item with a FOFA glasses finder unit attached.

    FOFA appropriately stands for "Find One Find All". These Find One Find All Glasses Finder are incredibly useful, affordable gifts for anyone who carries keys, has a wallet or purse, has a TV remote control or owns a cell phone, iPod, digital camera or glasses. Everybody can and will use and love their FOFA Key Finder. They're great for the young who are absent minded and for older folks who tend to be more forgetful. Just imagine all the times you could have used a FOFA Key Finder.

    You can use your FOFA XD to all your important things just a touch away because you can control up to 36 different keyfinders from each FOFA key finder. Since every key finder can locate every other key finder there's no base unit to worry about...or lose! They won't add a lot of bulk or weight to the items you're locating because FOFA XD's are small and lightweight.

    You won't get annoying and embarrassing false alarms like sound activated key finders and...thank heavens...there's no clapping or whistling. Keys are designed so they can't be pressed accidentally in you pocket. You'll find your things no matter where they are because the FOFA uses wireless 2-way RFID technology that works through walls, cushions, and stacks of wash...where other key finders fail...and detects other FOFA Key Finders within a 30 ft. radius.

    You'll definitely hear your FOFA because it has a loud 94 dB audible signal. But even if the item you're looking for is buried under cushions or tons of wash and you can't hear the audible signal you'll still find it because FOFA key finders have a feature called XD Proximity Detect...a blinking light that tells you your item is close by. How it blinks tells you when you're getting closer! The FOFA is the only key finder with these advanced features.
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