Heebie Jeebies Galileo's Thermometer - 28cm

90% of 100
  • 400 Years Old Design
  • 28cm Handblown Glass
  • Temperature Scale From 18 to 26°C
  • Tell the Temperature by Watching the Balls Rise and Fall
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    Heebie Jeebies Galileo's Thermometer - 28cm The Galileo's Thermometer based on the 17th century discovery of principles of buoyancy and density. Galileo discovered that objects in a liquid will float or sink dependent on the temperature of that liquid. These glass reproductions of Galileo's ground breaking thermoscope combine form and function with hand blown baubles that are precisely weighted to reflect the ambient temperature. The body of the Thermometer is mostly filled with paraffin, all the remaining air is removed from the tube to prevent the density of the liquids are affected. As the temperature of the paraffin falls, it becomes denser, so the baubles will rise. Each bauble is carefully weighted so that they will swap from floating to sinking at a particular temperature, giving you a reading.
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