Victorinox CyberTool S Swiss Army Knife

  • 27 Tools
  • 3 Layers
  • 91mm (L) x 27mm (W) x 21.5mm (H)
  • Medium-Sized Pocket Knife
  • Fully Fine Edge Knife (Large Blade And Small Blade)
  • Also Known As "CyberTool 29"
  • Built For IT Technician Use
  • Bit Set Included
  • Red Transparent Colour
  • Acrylonitrile Butadienestyrene (ABS) Handle Material With Cellidor Scales
  • Key Ring Attachment Design
  • Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
    Victorinox CyberTool S Swiss Army Knife

    The Victorinox CyberTool S Swiss Army Knife in it's transparent techno design and with lots of revolutionary functions, the legendary Swiss Army Knife has entered the IT era. The right tool for the PC professional. In other word, Victorinox Cyber 29 also call as Victorinox CyberTool S.

    Headache choosing an office knife to yourself or your company? Here, the Victorinox CyberTool S Swiss Army Knife you may look for! Victorinox CyberTool S Swiss Army Knife - Red Transparent is a medium pocket knife with wrench and hex drive. Victorinox tool the traditional Officer's knife functions and added tools like a bit wrench to match new standards in the electronics industry so that it make user more convenient. If you want to unglued your computer, laptop or any other components, CyberTool can meet the need.

    Whether it's working outdoors (camping, hiking or trekking) or fixing stuff indoors (repairing PCs or electronic devices), the Victorinox CyberTool 29 Swiss Army Knife has got you covered.

    Tools / Functions
    1.   Large Blade 2.   5mm Female Hex Drive (For D-SUB Connectors) 3.   4mm Female Hex Drive (For Bits) (On Reverse)
    4.   Bit Wrench 5.   Can Opener 6.   3mm Flathead Screwdriver
    7.   Tweezers 8.   Toothpick 9.   Pressurized Ballpoint Pen
    10.   Stainless Steel Pin 11.   Philips Screwdriver (Size Standard PH2) 12.   Bit Hex 4mm
    13.   Bit Torx T10 14.   Philips Bit (Size Standard PH1) (Pozidriv) 15.   4mm Flathead / Slotted Bit
    16.   Bit Torx T8 17.   Bit Torx T15 18.   Philips Bit (Size Standard PH0) (Pozidriv)
    19.   Reamer, Punch And Sewing Awl 20.   Corkscrew 21.   Mini Screwdriver
    22.   Key Ring 23.   6mm Flathead Screwdriver 24.   Bottle Opener
    25.   Small Blade 26.   Wire Stripper 27.   Bit Case
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.096
    Barcode 7611160105820
    Series / Models CyberTool
    Length 91mm
    Width 27mm
    Height 21.5mm
    No. of Tools 27
    No. of Layers 3
    Lockable Blade No
    One Hand Operation No
    Material ABS / Cellidor
    Activity Professional
    Product Warranty Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
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